January 18, 2022 12pm ET Technical Meeting: “Fire Protection System Services Basics and Beyond”

Fire Protection Systems are an integral piece in occupational safety. This session will be a quick examination of the basic inspection requirements for the most common types of fire protection systems and equipment, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Non-Water Based Suppression. Following the basic review, the presenter will discuss some of the extra services that are mandated at somewhat irregular intervals and their importance.

The Chapter will begin at noon at which point we will also discuss current Chapter business for roughly 15 minutes. The educational session will begin promptly at 12:15 pm. Presenter Todd VanGorder will prepare participants to explain the value of operational and tested fire protection systems, describe basic inspection requirements for various suppression systems, identify basic inspection requirements for fire alarm systems, and summarize some of the additional items beyond the annual inspection of fire alarm systems. Following Todd VanGorder’s presentation, he will allow up to 15 minutes for questions and answers and will conclude by requesting that participants complete the evaluation form.

Microsoft Teams meeting link: Click here to join the meeting